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Presenting at Conferences: Reasons Why the COG Series Should Be Your Next!

Industry conferences provide opportunities for education, networking, and career development. If you work in clinical trial operations, outsourcing, technology, or supply, you should consider applying to present at the upcoming 2024 COG conference series, organised by Pharmaceutical Business Conference Group.

Top Reasons You Should Consider Presenting at the COG Series

  1. Presenting allows you to share your knowledge and insights with your peers. This, in turn, allows you to gain exposure for yourself and your work, in front of an audience of industry leaders. The COG series also maintains a minimum of 2:1 ratio onsite, between trial sponsors and vendors.

  2. The COG Series allows for ample networking time between content, allowing speakers and attendees alike to forge meaningful connections. The series attracts representatives from a diverse group of related industries; pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, healthcare, and academia.

  3. Participating as a speaker can also help build your reputation as a thought leader, leading to future opportunities.

  4. One reason often forgotten is the recruitment benefits of conferences, not only for the speaker’s individual career, but to actively share opportunities in your organisation and meet potential candidates face to face at the event. Going further, presenting would promote your organisation to the audience.

  5. Unlike many other conferences in the life sciences space (and many other sectors), the COG series agenda format means that we limit the number of paid for opportunities. Meaning that we maintain a balance of trial sponsors against vendors in the space.

  6. Hosting conferences across 6 regions in 2024, each are purposely designed to attract a regional audience. This allows the agendas to address key challenges specific to the region, whether that be EU Clinical Trial regulation at COG Europe, or the state of UK Clinical Trials at COG UK – for example.

Speaker Submissions Now Open

COG UK (London, February 2024)

COG Nordics (Copenhagen, April 2024)

COG New England (Boston, April 2024)

Contact me directly at to register your interest.


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