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What Our Partners Say

Here at Pharmaceutical Business Conference Group, we are firm believers that it is more important how our clients and partners describe us, than how we describe ourselves.


Hear what our partners have said about our industry leading Clinical Outsourcing Group (COG) meeting series over the last 12 months:

“The CEO panel discussion at COG New England was, for me, the most enlightening and useful content I’ve seen at a clinical outsourcing event, ever!” - Michael Brown - Ancillare 

“I enjoyed the event and again your company succeeded to make COG UK a standout event in terms of the diversity of content presented from startup to pharma attendees.” – Krzysztof Potempa - BRAINCURES

“The COG conferences were the best events we attended last year. No other event has such a diverse range of attendees and exhibitors, and the presentations are really up to date focusing on the key issues, rather than rehashing the same old stuff. The size of the event leads to great networking opportunities and we saw immediate financial gains following our attendance. It is for these reasons we will be returning.” - RBW

“COG Nordics whilst smaller than some of the meetings I usually attend, the format when it comes to networking and building relationships was better” - Mitzi Eshof - Synklino 

“One of the best run and organised events we have been to in a long time, the organisers marketing on Sponsor to Vendor ratio did not disappoint, and the venue they choose was excellent. We will be attending a further meeting in November and are looking forward to meeting many more new clients” - Delve Health

"At IDDI, we strongly believe that generating leads for a business is primarily done through face-to-face contacts. We embarked with the Clinical Outsourcing Group at the very beginning of their journey in 2023 for an international series of conferences that were really successful for us. There is a nice balance between Sponsors and Vendors, the attendees are very well targeted and we found it good value for money. We are looking forward to the next conferences in 2023 and 2024."

"The COG series of events has given Harbor Clinical the right-sized venue to showcase our service offerings to decision makers in the local and national biotech/pharma market. The agenda, venue, and participants allow Harbor Clinical to meet the right people without getting lost in the crowd."

"As an exhibitor, we have very good visibility with the attendees and a good ratio of attendees to vendors" "Very engaging content and speakers"- Dana Niedzielska - August Research

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