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COG UK 2024’s Hackathon: Enabling Clinical Trials in the UK

Hackathons have become an engaging new format at many industry conferences. During a scheduled hackathon, attendees break out into small teams to collaborate on solving a specific challenge or prompt within the allocated timeframe.

At the next COG UK meeting, the hackathon is designed to address what needs to be done to further enable clinical trials in the UK, with the question "What can you do to further enable clinical trials in the UK, streamline processes, and make clinical research in the UK more appealing on the Global stage?’. The audience will be split into 4 groups, each representing different perspectives: Government, Regulation, Public Health, and Academia.

Participants are actively encouraged to join a group of which they do not professionally belong to, for example, a Biopharma executive joining Public Health, or an NHS executive joining Government.

Following the session, every team deliver a 5 to 10 minute presentation of their response to the hackathon question to the entire conference audience. The presentations will highlight innovative solutions to the challenge of enabling clinical trials in the UK. The aim of this is to generate a set of ideas to share from the perspective of different clinical research stakeholder groups.

Taking place at 9am on 21st February at COG UK 2024, further information and how to join the meeting can be found below.

Complimentary attendance is reserved for pharmaceutical, biotech, health. government, and academic representatives.


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