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Denmark: A Thriving Hub for Clinical Research

Marianne Pilgaard, CEO of Trial Nation delivered the opening keynote speech at the inaugural COG Nordics meeting which took place 9th & 10th April in Copenhagen.

Marianne Pilgaard, CEO of Trial Nation
Marianne Pilgaard, CEO of Trial Nation

Marianne confirmed that Denmark has emerged as a key player in the global clinical research ecosystem, thanks to its thriving life science industry, well-organised healthcare system, and strong political support for innovation. The country's life science sector has shown significant growth in recent years, with exports increasing at an average annual rate of more than 8.5% between 2008 and 2022.

Several factors contribute to Denmark's success in attracting clinical trials. The country boasts a tax-funded universal healthcare system, with regions responsible for hospital care, psychiatry, and healthcare services provided by general practitioners and specialists. Additionally, Denmark is known for its political and economic stability, as well as its position as a frontrunner in digitalization.

Representing Trial Nation, Marianne demonstrated Trial Nation as a public-private partnership, which plays a crucial role in facilitating clinical trials in Denmark. The organisation serves as a single entry point for commercial clinical trials, offering free services to support the clinical infrastructure. Trial Nation maintains disease-specific networks, supports hospital infrastructure, communicates feasibilities to clinical trial units, markets Danish clinical trial capacity internationally, and addresses barriers to attracting clinical trials.

Denmark's success in the life science industry is a testament to the synergies created between public and private parties, which contribute to health, wealth, and knowledge. With its strong focus on innovation, clinical research, and patient-centred care, Denmark is well-positioned to remain a global leader in the field of clinical trials.

Marianne Pilgaard, CEO of Trial Nation Presenting at COG Nordics
Marianne Pilgaard, CEO of Trial Nation

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