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CEO Perspectives on Funding Nordic Clinical-Stage Biotechs

The COG Nordics conference, which took place in Copenhagen on the 9th & 10th April 2024, featured a C-Suite panel featuring four leaders from the region's abundant biotech sector. The panel delved into the challenges of securing investment funding for advancing clinical trials, offering valuable insights and guidance for those navigating this complex landscape.

The panel was chaired by Sam Vakili, the CEO & a Go-To-Market Strategist at Invest.In.Tek. Panellists included Alina Castell, CEO, MyCural Therapeutics, Kristian Tryggvason, CEO & Co-Founder, Alder Therapeutics, Marguerite Mensonides-Harsema, CEO & Co-Founder, Amplio Pharma, and Helen Blanco, COO, Node Pharma.

CEO Panel at COG Nordics 2024
CEO Panel at COG Nordics 2024

One of the key takeaways from the discussion was the importance of early-stage funding. Panellists emphasised that securing adequate resources at the outset can make a significant difference in the success and progress of clinical trials. They advised attendees to be diligent and thorough when applying for public funding, ensuring that all necessary boxes are checked and required materials are provided.

Recognising the intricacies of the funding process, the panel recommended bringing experts on board to guide companies through both private and public funding avenues. These experts can help bridge the gap between scientists and investors, facilitating effective communication and finding common ground. Stressing the importance of honesty, acknowledging that scientists may not be well-versed in the language of investors and should seek professional assistance to navigate these discussions effectively.

Networking emerged as another crucial aspect of the funding journey. The panel encouraged attendees to actively participate in conferences like COG Nordics and other industry events to build relationships and expand their professional networks. These connections can prove invaluable during the fundraising phase, opening doors to potential investors and collaborators.

Lastly, the panel highlighted the significance of creating a strong track record. In the early stages of a company's development, investors often base their valuations on the achievements and credibility of the individuals involved. Building a solid track record of success and expertise can greatly enhance a company's appeal to investors and increase the likelihood of securing funding.

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