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Fostering Creativity in Clinical Development

The Pharmaceutical Business Conference Group welcomed Mariusz Olejniczak, the CEO of WPD Pharmaceuticals as a presenter at this year’s COG Europe. The meeting was held in Milan, and welcomed Biopharma attendees from across Europe to discuss key operational challenges faced when conducting clinical research.

Mariusz presented on how to foster creativity in clinical development, please find below a review of the key takeaways from his presentation.

Success in clinical development demands innovation, outside-the-box thinking, and the ability to efficiently navigate complex challenges. How can organisations cultivate creativity within their clinical development teams? Recent research points to the importance of establishing a climate that sparks imaginative thinking.

Positive environments that encourage trust, openness, and sharing of new ideas without fear of criticism promote creative flow. Allowing developers autonomy to make their own judgments also boosts innovation. Beyond serious focus, injecting an element of levity and humour in the workplace makes people feel more comfortable thinking freely and openly.

Organisations should also create opportunities for lively debate from diverse viewpoints. Discussing differing perspectives and experiences openly, without shutting down ideas prematurely, allows for conceptual combinations that yield creative solutions. Overall, clinical developers are most innovative in energetic atmospheres that feel dynamic, not static.

Metrics like on-time delivery, budget adherence, quality, and recruitment success indicate if this climate of creativity is paying dividends. Research on pharmaceutical R&D and collaborative networks suggests that these elements of organizational creativity apply broadly across clinical development.

While every company has its own culture, fostering openness, autonomy, humour, diversity, and dynamism provides a formula for sparking the creativity essential to clinical development. This not only speeds solutions but also makes for an engaging and rewarding workplace.


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