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Accelerating UK Clinical Research and Life Sciences: Labour’s Vision for the Future

London, United Kingdom – 21st February 2024 - Chi Onwurah MP, Labour's Shadow Minister for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, will outline Labour's vision for accelerating clinical research and life sciences in the UK in her speech at the Clinical Outsourcing Group (COG) UK 2024 conference in London.

Speaking at the session titled "Accelerating UK Clinical Research and Life Sciences: Labour's Vision for the Future," Ms. Onwurah MP will highlight the importance of UK remaining at the forefront of clinical research and life sciences innovation. She is expected to describe Labour's plan to address funding into crucial research areas such as genomic medicine, regenerative medicine, and biotechnology.

"Labour believes that the UK has the opportunity to leverage its scientific excellence to solve major health challenges and improve clinical care for patients," Paul Adams, Managing Director of Pharmaceutical Business Conference Group commented, "However, this will require strategic government investments into research infrastructure and incentives to translate innovation into patient benefit."

The speech will underscore Labour's commitment to cementing the UK's status as a science superpower through sustained funding for research and development, commercialization pathways for developing new therapies and drugs, and fostering talent and skills development in clinically-impactful research fields. 

The session is scheduled to take place Wednesday 21st February, and forms part of a robust programme of sessions offering perspectives on translating UK's renowned academic life sciences research into innovative healthcare solutions that can transform patient outcomes.


Media wishing to attend should contact David Jones, Head of Content,

For those in the Biopharma sector, please register via the event website,


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