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COG West Coast: Building Customization into Innovative Clinical Trial Solutions, Julian Phillips

In early November the Pharmaceutical Business Conference Group hosted the inaugural COG West Coast meeting in Burlingame, California. Julian Phillips, Vice President, Data Insights & Automation at Statistics & Data Corporation (SDC) presented on Building Customization into Innovative Clinical Trial Solutions.

Julian's presentation focused on the benefits of building customizability into clinical trial technologies and applications. Julian highlighted offerings from Statistics & Data Corporation (SDC), which leverage customizability to meet varying sponsor needs.

Key takeaways:

  • Customization allows clinical trial applications to more easily scale across multiple studies rather than building unique solutions each time. It enables quick configuration changes when protocols necessitate them.

  • SDC has developed a web application framework that separates front-end code from back-end configuration files. This allows adaptations to logic and data inputs without code changes.

  • SDC Data Hub ingests client raw data files then standardizes them for loading into SDC's data warehouse. Custom views and dashboards can then be built on the structured data.

  • SDC Capture is an eCOA type application for subject data entry, optimized for mobile devices. It is highly configurable for question types, languages, security controls etc.

  • SDC RBQM centralizes edit check build and management. Custom alert recipes can be built with reusable components.

  • SDC Insights enables fully customized reporting from the unified data warehouse. Users can tailor views to their exact needs.

Julian enforced that SDC aims to build customizability into their clinical software, data and analytics solutions to meet the wide variability in sponsor trial requirements. This agility aims to reduce redundant build costs over time.


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