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COG New England: Clinical Trial Execution in North America

Returning for the second annual edition COG New England will take place at the Boston Marriot Burlington, MA, on April 23rd & 24th 2024.

Full information can be found here:

Conducting the market research for this second edition I've found that the clinical trial landscape continues to grow increasingly challenging for North American pharmaceutical and biotech companies seeking to bring innovative treatments from bench to patient.

The most immediate barrier impacting clinical trial leaders is recruiting and retaining suitable patients. Exclusion criteria, inadequate enrolment models, and growing wariness amongst patient populations, and trial delays causing dropouts undermine the effort put into this stage. Consequently, trial timelines drag on, costs inflate, and life-changing innovations remain stalled.

The fixed overheads of operating trials in North America weigh heavily. Simply securing approval to initiate a study necessitates navigating strenuous administrative requirements and intensive auditing without any guarantee of success. The accumulating expenses of research staff, materials, data capture, and monitoring adherence to study protocols and safety standards further strain already maxed budgets.

Trial sponsors must also manage escalating volumes of genomic, clinical, and real-world data that hold invaluable insights if utilised accurately. They must also determine how to integrate captivating technologies like sensors and telemedicine without diluting results. These technology demands intensify the knowledge gaps between cutting-edge science and last-generation trial designs.

A collaborative spirit to overcome the challenges to conduct trials in North America both ethically and efficiently remains imperative for its patients and for global health alike.

2024's COG New England will bring together speakers & panellists to discuss the key challenges faced by the biopharma industry today. Key topics to be spotlighted on the programme include:

  • Clinical Outsourcing Confusion

  • Patient Recruitment & Retention

  • Funding/ Investment hurdles when advancing to clinical stage

  • Maintaining & Controlling costs

  • Regulation & Administration

  • Digitalization Opportunities

  • Data Complexity

  • Adoption of Innovation

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